"View Only" Calendar on Your Web Site

Perfect for Community Centers, Universities and Others

Share "view only" schedules within your office or around the world. Office Tracker WebViewer lets you see schedules right in most web browsers.

The Office Tracker WebViewer works with the Office Tracker scheduling system to provide "view only" access to schedule information to anyone with a web browser. This is great for organizations that want to share community event information, class schedules, facility availability, equipment sharing, public events and similar time-based information.

The affordability of the WebViewer makes it ideal when you need a large number of people to be able to see schedules but you do not need them making changes.

Note: The WebViewer demo will be faster on your server than it is on our rather active web server. It may take a few seconds to load in at first here. The demo will open in a new window. with sample schedule information for a couple of user names and rooms. Follow the on screen instructions in the window.


WebViewer Customization Options
There are many ways the WebViewer can be customized to provide additional functionality. For example, you can automatically post upcoming events on your own web site.

Order Information

Call Milum for more information or to order the Web Viewer today

Call toll free: 1-800-257-2120 (512-469-2966 international), or send e-mail: Contact Office Tracker

Office Tracker has been an invaluable part of our day to day functions. It is extremely reliable.