Scheduling Software for Group Calendars

Online Schedules for Meetings, Appointments, Classes, and Facilities

  • Meeting Scheduling - Share room schedules and events, add agendas and custom color labels, track time usage for users and resources. Project schedules on big screens..

  • Customer Scheduling - Share and schedule contacts, keep an automated history of all appointments. Send automated reminders or text message to customers and others about upcoming appointments.

  • Service and Staff Scheduling - Schedule service reps and appointments, maintenance dates, delivery dates, track vacations and sick days, create recurring blocks of time. Avoid conflicting schedules.

  • Easy Tracking and Reporting - Create customized reports to calculate time usage for users, rooms, resources and equipment. Make time planning quick and easy.

Not only does Office Tracker save DATV money, but just as importantly, it saves us time.
Steve Ross, Executive Director ― DATV, Dayton Access Television


Mobile Access
  • Share & Schedule Contacts
    Mobile Access/Cloud-based/Scheduling
  • Find Information Fast
    Mobile Access/Cloud-based/Scheduling
  • Side by Side Group Schedules
    Mobile Access/Cloud-based/Scheduling
  • Create Quick Reports
    Mobile Access/Cloud-based/Scheduling
  • Create Color Coded Labels
  • Text Reminders
    Mobile Access/Cloud-based/Scheduling
  • Sharing and Security Settings
  • Custom Categories and Fields
  • Automated Backups
  • Text Message Options
  • Easy Administration

Schedule everything - see it all on one screen

Office Tracker lets you schedule anything you want - person, place or thing. View your schedules the way you want - daily, weekly, monthly, or in planner style. One name at a time or many at a time.

  • One click to schedule appointments, rooms, events
  • Book complex recurring appointments or meetings instantly
  • Resolve conflicts and control or stop double bookings
  • Customize to meet your needs

  • Create color coded labels
  • Create custom fields and keywords
  • Find scheduled events quickly
  • Choose your time range, fonts and what to display
  • Secure and simple management

  • Set levels of security for each specific user or group
  • Support for SSL (secure socket layers)
  • Automated backups
  • Automated e-mail notifications for server activities

  • Customer Management

    Find Customers who have not done business with you in a while, e-mail or text them a reminder - you stay on track and in control.

  • Schedule and share contact records
  • Maintain history of all customer interaction
  • Print detailed reports or quick one page appointment sheets
  • Automated e-mail and text message reminders and notices
  • Find information fast
  • Schedule and reschedule with ease
  • Time Use Tracking

  • Create detailed time - use reports instantly on screen - Print to PDF and export reports for future use - E-mail reports to others in your office or beyond
  • Track the hourly usage of resources over time
  • Lower operating costs by analyzing utilization rates
  • Identify wasted space to improve cost reduction
  • Create custom reports for specific analytics
  • Scheduling on the go - mobile access

    Whether your staff is on the road or in the office, they can count on Office Tracker to stay on track of schedules and contacts. Office Tracker supports the most commonly used mobile devices with its easy web access.

    Office Tracker browser based mobile access helps all your users see the same great schedules for themselves and other right on their smart-phone or tablet device. With an Internet connection, and browser-enabled device, users can also find, reserve, create/edit appointments or meetings, view or send reports, create reminders, and more. From any location, users can:

  • Create new events for appointments, meetings, room bookings or events
  • Create new contacts for customers, vendors or others
  • Search and find existing appointments, meetings and more
  • Send e-mail or text reminders to users, customers or other contacts

  • Web based scheduling - Self-hosted or Cloud-hosted

    Everyone can see and share schedules right in their web browser on nearly any device that supports web browsing - Windows, Mac, Android, and more. You only install one application, the Office Tracker Server, and all other users connect with their web browsers.

    The Office Tracker Cloud Hosted option is web based as well but lets you eliminate installing the server software and makes administration even easier with features like automated backups and storage.

  • Makes scheduling quick and easy from anywhere
  • Keeps everyone on track and on time
  • Allows everyone to share secure side-by-side group schedules for people, rooms, resources and projects
  • Reduces errors by reducing double-entries
  • Makes your entire office run more efficiently and more professionally
  • Makes installation and maintenance quick and easy
  • Improves compatibility of many different operating systems
  • Benefits

    100% Up To Date
    90% Cost Saving
    70% More Appointments (Income)
    40% more Extra Time (Free Time)